Cheesy Potato Soup

This soup is our winter comfort food!  There is nothing better than a bowl of warm, thick, scrumptious soup when the winds are howling and the snow is flying.  And since this has been a cold, wet spring, soup sounded good to us this past week as well.  This recipe again came from my mom who made homemade soup every Wednesday in the winter.  It was a cheap meal which was a must in my family’s strapped economy, it was easy clean-up in preparation for Wednesday night’s prayer meeting, and we all loved it!potato soup

I kind-of have a recipe for the soup.  There is a recipe (below), but I don’t follow it strictly.  I always use ham stock for a starter for my potato soups (and my bean, pea, and broccoli soups :) )  So for every ham I cook, I put some water in the pan with the ham when it goes in the oven.  (The water is about 1/2″ deep.)  I keep the drippings/water from the pan for stock for one soup, and I keep the ham bone with some meat on it to cook up for another soup.  So I get two soups from every ham bone.  I usually do the ham on a Sunday for Sunday dinner as it can cook on a lower temperature while we are at church, and then all the extra ham that isn’t eaten that day, I dice up and freeze in two cup increments for future casseroles.  So one ham can make part of at least five meals (the ham on Sunday, at least two casseroles, and two soups.)

For the potato soup, I took the stock (this time I used my drippings,) and I added some water to it.  The drippings can sometimes be a salty or strong flavor, and they need to be watered down.  Plus I needed more broth for the amount of soup I wanted to make.

I shredded the potatoes and a few carrots and diced one onion and minced one or two cloves of garlic and put it in the broth.  I am able to use my stand mixer with the #2 shredder attachment.  For years I used my Presto Salad Shooter.  Of course, you can do it by hand, but I am so thankful I have modern conveniences to help me out!  I do like shredded potatoes and not cubed for the soup.

I add enough potatoes until it is very thick.  The potatoes will cook down some, and I like my soup more thick than thin.

I cooked this until  the potatoes are tender, and then I added Velveeta cheese (or Aldis equivalent of Velveeta)  that I have already cubed.  Add to your own tastebuds leading :) .  Once the cheese is melted, the soup is ready to eat!

With the leftover soup, I froze it.  It will be ready for me to defrost and  eat with my Crescent Chicken Bundles that are also in the freezer.  Now that will be a fun meal to make!

I have put this soup in a 5 quart ice cream pail, frozen it, and taken it to my Grandma’s for a meal in the wintertime.  This soup is als0 great to put in a crockpot and take somewhere else.  I have taken it to a funeral home for the family to eat that has to be there for many hours during a visitation.  Below is a recipe that you can use as a guide.

Recipe for Cheesy Potato Soup

Ingredients and Directions:

9 medium potatoes (approximately 6 cups, shredded–This time I used about 5 pound of potatoes and 4 carrots.  I used a 8 quart pan and probably ended up with 5-6 quarts of soup.  The more broth you start with, the more potatoes you add.

3 large chopped onions–I only used 1 onion and I put in a 1-2 garlic cloves, minced.

3 chicken bouillon cubes–I used ham stock.

5 c. water–I had about 6 cups of stock.

Boil all until potatoes are tender.  Remove from pot.  Add 24 oz. Velveeta cheese (cut into cubes) and blend until creamy (I used about one pound, 16 ounces.)  Add water if too thick.


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