DIY Play-Doh

101_6963What kid doesn’t love playing with playdoh? I know my children love it–from my 2 year old all the way up to my 10 year old.

But what parent wants to keep buying those cans of playdoh that dry up so quickly? Not me!

I have used the following recipe for many years now. It makes a bigger amount of playdoh than a can of playdoh would hold, so each batch could be divided if so desired. For my family, I let each child have one whole batch as they can “make” more items out of the playdoh. I find that this playdoh stays good a long time. It is easy to make and inexpensive as well. Most, if not all, the ingredients you would already have on hand. I have even used this playdoh as part of birthday presents, and I gave some to Joshua as part of his Christmas present.

Recipe for Play Doh

Ingredients and Directions:

1 c. flour

1/2 c. salt

1 c. water

1 T. oil

2 tsp. cream of tartar

Mix all the ingredients together and cook over medium heat until a ball forms.

Remove from heat, and add food coloring.  Knead dough until color is throughout.  Place in a covered container.  (For my family, I put it in quart-size Ziplock bags.)  So easy!

Play-doh is done!

Play-doh is done.

Here it is in the fabric covered bin that I made for a present for my niece.



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