Scattered Saturdays: Our Week in Review

Sunday was a great day.  Sunday always is a great day as it is the Lord’s Day–yet this past Sunday was also Father’s Day!  We try to give Daddy some “breakfast in bread” and give him his presents in the morning.  Then after the church service, my sister and her two teenager children and my mom and dad ate at our house.  I made the cake and the monkey bread and some of the mini-meatloaves.  I gave dad his 25 burritos for his present (actually they are still in my freezer awaiting his pick-up), and we had fun talking and playing UNO.

This week has been a week of weather extremes!  Yet even with a 55° morning, our outdoor swimming was not canceled!  Praise the Lord for heated pools.  We were very thankful as we wanted no canceled days so that we can go to my sister’s house to see her family this next week.  If they had to cancel any swimming days, then the make-up days would be this coming week.  Even on Friday, there came some periods of very heavy rainfall, but it did not start until 12:00 p.m.–15 minutes after their swimming was over!  We claim it as a direct answer to prayer, as we did pray for good weather!

Kaylin is now done with level 6.  There is one more level available that she can do, but it would mainly be endurance that she would be working on.  She can already swim much better than her momma. Karis did completely not pass level 5, but she can swim very well!  Kristi finished level 2, and Joshua will be ready to go to regular swimming classes next summer.

So every morning, we went to swimming classes which took a couple of hours of every day.  I babysat three days this week, and Tuesday I was able to go out to lunch with a good friend who is such an encouragement to me.

Thursday, I took Kristi for her check-up to her allergy doctor.  Both Karis and Kristi are getting weekly shots for their allergies to mold and dust.  After doing it for more than a year, they are now at the maintenance level, and off all their medicines.  Plus, they no longer have asthma attacks when they get colds!  So we are happy with the results, but they have to continue the shots for a while.  I can now give the shots at home, which is such a time and money saver!   Kristi has grown 1 1/2″ in the last six months!  She will be my tall girl.  Thursday night, Kristi and I finally started making her Kindergarten graduation Thank You cards–we are a little behind!

Working on her cards

Working on her cards

A big highlight of this week:  Joshua learned how to ride his bike without training wheels!  Yay for another independent bike rider!  I don’t know why we didn’t take pictures–Oh, I remember why we didn’t:  he’s the fourth kid, that’s why!  I’ll have to take pictures this week, and we’ll all pretend that it’s his first time riding a bike all by himself.

Friday, I was able to go garage saling again–which might be my last time until the end of July!  I was able to get some children’s presents and other miscellaneous items.  The morning was topped off with lunch with my mom and another friend that we go garage saling with.  Friday night’s t-ball games got canceled with all the rain, which made it easier for our schedule as Dave had to do a wedding rehearsal.  I stayed home with the kids and ate pizza and played some games.  It was fun!

Saturday promises to be a hot day around 90°.  It will be busy with a run to the grocery store, packing for my sister’s house, going to a wedding, and all the other little details that must get done.  Have a great day!


About creativekkids

I am married to my caring and supportive husband, David. I have five children, four girls and one boy! This blog is a wish of my oldest daughter, Kaylin, who is 10. She enjoys writing, and she asked if I could help her do a blog. So some of the posts will be from her (and eventually from my other children), and many will written by me, as I am not naive--I know Kaylin's interest may fade off! However, I do want to encourage Kaylin to develop some writing skills, and I am bonding with my children during this new adventure. Whether the posts are written by Kaylin, another child, me, or a combination of any of us, they will be focused on family! There will be many of our recipes, crafts, and just everyday activities! I hope this blog can be a help to you; and I know the blog will contain memories for our family to enjoy for as long as God tarries. My husband and I have chosen to become followers of Christ, and we believe we are pilgrims just here on this earth for just a brief season. We pray that this blog will glorify Christ in everything that is written. Tammy
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